Monday, March 7, 2011


This is a recently recorded talk on Emerging Christianity given by Richard Rohr.  It's over an hour long, but well worth your time.  The last half, in which he discusses non-duality as one of the pillars of Emerging Christianity, is especially good! (It may not seem as if it's working at first...give it a minute and it'll start.) Enjoy - I know I certainly did!

Emerging Christianity from Fuller Seminary on Vimeo.


Don said...

Oh my! I have previously known Richard by the things others have told me about him. And, those things were all good! But hearing him for the first time is remarkable. He has made me want to return to the quest for mystery and the contemplative life. Eckart Tolle was an early positive influence on my journey. Richard likes Tolle. I absolutely love "The Power of Now". I have read it, but mainly I listened to it on CD's.....over and over again. Somewhere on the way, I got sidetracked. Now I have good reason to take it up again, listen to it again. And, I have a new tutor to listen to, Richard Rohr. Thank you!

Mae said...

You’re most welcome! I thought it was pretty awesome, too. I’ve never read Richard’s work, but I’ve wanted his book “The Naked Now,” since I heard him talk about it and non-duality on Homebrewed Christianity


My husband watched this video and ordered Richard’s book! It also inspired him to go back and read “The Power of Now,” which he had started more than a year ago but was just too radical for him at the time. Also, did you know that the entire “A New Earth” Webcast with Tolle and Oprah can be watched online?


I think Richard’s right in that contemplation is the key thing. It helps us see non-dually, or with that “single eye,” as Jesus put it. I do meditate, but not enough. But my husband started meditating last summer and he doesn’t hesitate to say that IT HAS CHANGED HIS LIFE.

Hope you’re blessed in your renewed quest for mystery and the contemplative life!

Don said...

I am glad to see your husband is onboard with you and your journey. Wish I could say the same about my wife. It certainly makes things more challenging. I absolutely love Tolle! I have read and/or listened to everything he's written. Have you heard about Eckhart Tolle TV? Google it. I am considering joining. Thanks for the links!

Mae said...

My husband hasn’t always been on board, so I can relate to how challenging that can be. Especially the difficulty of going through those “dark nights” of the transition periods! But he’s very much on his own journey now and really taking off – it’s really a joy to watch! (And wonderful to have someone to talk with about it!)

I love Tolle, too. I think I was really blessed in that while I was going through the deconstruction process, I also discovered the mystics, especially the modern ones (Tolle is definitely a mystic, IMO). I think that kept me from spending too much time in the skepticism stage and saved me from becoming too cynical. I saw Tolle TV on his website, but haven’t subscribed. I bet it’s good, though. I’ve watched a lot of his videos online. There’s a bunch – some are the short snippets, but there are several full length teachings.

Andrew said...

I love Richard, what he teaches is where I am trying to head. Thanks for posting this!

Mae said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Andrew. Yeah, I love him, too. I think he has a really good balance...I'm glad you enjoyed the video!