Sunday, January 23, 2011


There is an ancient story that tells of a student monk who began to laugh during group meditation and prayer.  The other students, horrified and embarrassed for the monk, hoped that he would stop laughing.  But his laughter grew louder and louder, until the other monks could not help but wonder what the master would do in the face of such irreverence.  But to the amazement of all the other monks, the master pronounced the laughing monk enlightened!  At first, this story seems difficult to understand.  But the monk laughed because he saw through the veil – he saw that everything is wonderful! Everything does work together for GOOD! It may seem clich√©, but everything IS just the way it is for a reason and a purpose and God is working it all together for a higher good, even what seems bad to us from our limited perspective.  We begin to see that suffering and sorrow, although very real, are only for a season, and that everything is perfect and as it should be.  This is the peace that passes all understanding.  This is freedom.

When the veil of illusion that obscures the truth is removed, we will see that there was never anything to fear.  We will see that it was only our limited perspective that gave us sorrow and made us cry.  We will see that even death has no sting, but really is swallowed up in victory!  Once the illusion is seen through, we can emerge from bondage to the fear of death to live in glorious freedom! 

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